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Master the art of Pale Mist, download the official Crescent Pale Mist game manual for the PlayStation® Network (PSN) version of Crescent Pale Mist.

Pale Mist


In general, simply mashing the Attack button will get you pretty far by cutting and dicing things into pieces. The enemies you attack will be designated as your target, causing Pale Mist to appear automatically. Unique magical attacks that consume Pale Mist can only be invoked with special commands in certain conditions. Another weapon is the dagger which can be thrown in any direction. When a thrown dagger hits an enemy, the enemy becomes designated as a new target.

Pale Mist

Pale Mist

A mysterious magic that takes the form of a shining white mist. It is considered an advanced magic with many unsolved properties, and is widely believed to be impossible to handle properly, except to the privileged few. Dangerous to the common person, Pale Mist is also known to weaken those that come into contact with it.

The effects upon Pale Mist fading includes recovering some of your HP and Max HP; decreasing CP by 1; and increasing your PM and Max PM by 1, respectively.


Capacity (CP)

A person's magical capacity. Every time one uses magic, magical power accumulates within their body. There is a maximum limit for a person's CP, and it is dangerous to use magic beyond that point. CP also has an effect on a person's surroundings when magic is used, and can cause a Magic Leak Burst if too much is used in a careless manner. If invoked properly, however, a person's magical capacity can be almost limitless.

Emergency Evasion

Emergency Evasion

When taking damage and trying to avoid an enemy combo attack, simply press the Jump Button to perform Emergency Evasion. During Emergency Evasion, you are briefly partially invincible and safe from attacks. However, your invincibility is lost the moment you take any other action. Emergency Evasion is indicated by the color of your character's aura.

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