Crescent Pale Mist



A former member of the Gasyukal Research Alliance, she is the only magician known to have the ability to control the deadly and powerful magic known as Pale Mist. With overwhelming amounts of Pale Mist seeping from Gasyukal and creating deadly monsters and other magical beings, Yunou is on a mission to find the source of Pale Mist and put an end to it at any cost - even if it means going up against her former comrades.


Soray Ar Larwin

Brother to Narju and a former Gasyukal comrade of Yunou, who despite his cold exterior, feels betrayed from Yunou's sudden abandonment of her duties with Gasyukal. As a loyal knight, his allegiance to Gasyukal makes him a reluctant enemy to Yunou, repeatedly finding himself in her path with blade in hand.


Vizet Lapitel

The first to meet Yunou upon her return to Gasyukal, and with apparent plans of her own when it comes to Yunou's mission against the Pale Mist. Believed to be a witch and hardly trustworthy, her mysterious intentions are shadowed in the secret caverns of Gasyukal. Only time will tell whether she is serving a higher, more malevolent power; or, if she is in fact a mysterious friend to Yunou's cause.


Elshiria L. Gasyukal

Another former Gasyukal comrade to Yunou hurt by her sudden disappearance, Elshiria is torn between her friendship to Yunou and her alliance to the Gasyukal Research Team, along with their quest to unlock the secrets of the Forbidden by controlling Pale Mist. Like Narju, she is as powerful with her magic as the ancient sages, and has some control of Pale Mist. Constantly caught between her friendship with Yunou and her role with Gasyukal, there will come a time when it is made clear who is really on her side and who is just using her for their own agenda.


Narju Ar Larwin

Soray's sister and jealous sworn enemy to Yunou, Narju's power is greater than the ancient sages of old, even allowing her to use Pale Mist. With jealous rage and powers this strong, there is no telling how far she will go to make sure Yunou meets her end in the most painful way possible.


Kurow Balnam

The oldest of the Gasyukal Research Alliance, Kurow is an ambitious and embittered old man who is hellbent on learning the secrets of a powerful magic known as the Forbidden. Driven by his passion, he believes Pale Mist is the key to unlocking the secrets of the Forbidden, even at the risk of the lives of his countrymen.

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